The Hadoop Database


All PaaS products should only be used for testing and developing purposes.

Destroy the clusters when you no longer need them, do not saturate the service.

Creating an Hbase instance

Launch an HBASE Cluster through the webUI and get the Network Address

Add the Network Address to your /etc/hosts


Activate the vpn and test the connection

              ping hbase_node0

How to use

Using Python

You can use happybase. There is a 'test' table you can use to verify everything works:

      import happybase
      connection = happybase.Connection(host='')
      test = connection.table('test')
      for k, d in test.scan(): print k, d

Using Java

To connect using java you can use our Sample Java HBaseclient and modify the hbase.zookeeper.quorum to reflect the right IP of your instance

The example App can be built using maven

                  mvn package
                  java -jar target/hbaseclient-0.1.0.jar