SQL-like interface


Hive offers the possibility to use Hadoop through a SQL-like interface

Using Hive: HUE

You can use Hive from the WebUI through HUE:

Using Hive: Beeline

beeline> !connect 

Using Hive: deprecated

The Hive CLI is not deprecated and not recommended:


Field delimitter

  • Default field delimitter Ctr+A (0x01)
  • It can be changed when creating a table
                ROW FORMAT DELIMITED
                FIELDS TERMINATED BY ':'

Important Considerations

  • Do not create tables in the default database
  • Create a database with your username and then create your tables in this database
              create database if not exists uscfajlc;
              use uscfajlc;

Important Considerations

  • To restrict access to your database set permissions of the directory:
  • hdfs dfs -chmod go-rwx /user/hive/warehouse/uscfajlc.db
  • Use always external tables that are stored in your HDFS HOME
  • Customize the permissions of the external directory
  • Use HDFS ACLs to fine tune the permissions to further fit your needs