The Big Bang theory was not accepted until 1965 with the discovery of the cosmic microwave background

Dark really means we have no idea ;-)

N-body simulation

  • A Universe in a Box
  • A box of side-length 2.0 h-1Gpc
  • 2.1 trillion particles (128003)

Uchuu Results

Storage costs

  • 3PB
  • 76.800€/month
  • 921.600€/year

Big Data

  • Goal: Allow large scale analysis of the results
  • Selection of 50 epocs
  • Transformation of the datasets to parquet
  • Interactive analysis using Python Notebooks and Spark
  • Uchuu github repo with examples


FT-II using Vaex BigData using Spark
Preliminary computations 109 min less than 1 min
Finding halos 9 hours only first host less than 2 min ALL hosts
Total time more than 38 hours less than 3 min



How to pronounce uchuu